Monday, January 24, 2011

B is for Baby

Introductions. Boxes. 
Who am I? 
A word, a sentence. 
A page. A person?

Member of the human species. 
Female variety. 

A wife, a mom. A daughter. 
A student, an office worker. 
A realist, a dreamer.

I'm a Mom.

Babies. Tiny bundles of bliss.
Ten little fingers, ten tiny toes.
Big gummy smiles.
Babies. The definition of adorable.
According to the others.

Tiny and fragile.
Scary. And a tad creepy.
How do I hold it?
Why would I want to hold it?
She's very cute.
Here, take her back.

The test is positive.
I am pregnant.
We're going to have a baby.
Babies are scary.
I'm scared.

I have a baby
She's four months old.
She has the most gorgeous little fingers
and these amazingly active tiny toes
and this gummy smile

It's quite amazing that G-d gave me the only baby that doesn't scare me.

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